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Maladeta - - - (2020)
writing and film workshop - L'Astrada (Marciac)
Maladeta is a peak in the Pyrenees whose name symbolically represents a "cursed" and "inaccessible" mountain. We used this name to work for a month with a group of teenagers. What is a place? What is a being? Learning to look, questioning what we don't see, what is induced in the landscape. Between documentary and fiction, working on a way to make cinema by wandering, by instinct.
Workshop led by Clément Bondu & Pierre Giafferi.
Production Ce Beau Hasard / Coproduction : Année Zéro, L'Astrada-Marciac

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Devotion - - - (2019)
École Nationale Supérieure d'Art Dramatique de Paris (ESAD) / 73rd Avignon Festival
Dévotion is a play dedicated to the failed heroes of the 21st century, to buried revolts, to failed loves, to lost illusions... at a time of European doubt, facing the resurgence of nationalist parties, Dévotion paints a fragmented portrait of a generation grappling with its heritage and its ghosts (wars, colonialism, etc.) in a fresco where the spectres of Ophelia and H. intertwine, The Idiot, The Woman Who Lost Her Heart, Animal-Baal, Lulu, fascist gentlemen, writers, tramps, prostitutes and gravediggers come to invite you to a Festival of the Dead, where the souls of animals, forests and stones mingle with the dreams of the living.
Text & direction Clément Bondu / Set design Anne-Sophie Grac / Artistic collaboration & costume design Charles Chauvet / Lighting & stage management Nicolas Galland / Choreography Amparo Gonzalez Sola / Lighting assistant Amandine Robert / Set and costume assistant Léa Tilliet / With the actors and actresses of the ESAD's 2019 class: Salomé Benchimol, Claire Bosse-Platière, Mona Chaïbi, Thomas Christin, Baptiste Fèbvre, Antoine Forconi, Alexandre Hamadouche, Fanny Kervarec, Olivia Mabounga, Angie Mercier, Babissiry Ouattara, Joséphine Palmieri, Tom Pezier, Margot Viala
Production: École supérieure d'art dramatique de Paris - PSPBB / Coproduction: Année Zéro, Les Plateaux Sauvages. With the support of the Théâtre de la Cité Internationale. Dévotion was created on July 5, 2019 at the Gymnase du Lycée St Joseph as part of the 73rd Festival in Avignon. Duration 2h30

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